About HCF

Happy Community Foundation is a licensed non-profit, non-religious, non-government foundation serving within the diverse communities of Bangkok, Thailand.
Our board members are private individuals who have the same passion to serve the under- privileged families within the heart of Bangkok. They are all united in the hope to see happy communities built within the diverse society of Bangkok.
Many of our board members are locals, who are able to ensure that our foundation is culturally relevant. All members of the board are experienced in areas that benefit the foundation, be that social work, counseling, youth work or education.

Why Bangkok? 
*Photo from Google Images: Bangkok Night View
Bangkok is many things to many people. It is a busy, modern, thriving city. But beneath the lights, the glitz and the glamour lies a diverse society with many needs.

Here at the Happy Community Foundation, we hope to build bridges between the different cultural groups that live and work in our area.
By serving the people of Thailand in the following ways, we hope to improve the general welfare of inner-city communities:

 -improving family life through counseling and other relevant resources
 -providing programs that promote quality education
 -helping with basic healthcare needs
 -offering livelihood training

A Word From the Director


     It is a privilege to introduce to you Happy Community Foundation, a non-profit foundation duly approved and established with license no. 1898 on November 10, 2009 under Thai laws. The vision that drives our foundation is to serve the peoples of the kingdom of Thailand by helping promote education, health, good family values and self-sufficiency at the community level.  Our volunteers, both present and future, who have come from many different countries, are professionals who are willing to contribute their time, skills and resources for free as a way of giving back to society especially the underprivileged. In exchange, they return to their home country simply with a sense of joy and pride knowing that they have made a significant contribution to and gaining an appreciation of Thai culture and society.

      Happy Community Foundation was birthed out of a desire to serve and be involved in community development, as our motto goes, “Building Happy Communities in a Diverse Society”.  Our board members, a cooperation of both Thai and non-Thai citizens with good moral standing are committed to this same thrust, providing services that will help contribute to the development of individuals regardless of sex, race and religion at the community level.

     During the course of establishing this charitable foundation, we have been asked about our motives. Why set up yet another foundation when there are already so many in Bangkok? What do you hope to achieve? Why do you think you can make more of a difference than anyone else? These are valid questions, and they have helped us consider the vision for our work. We have a love for the people of Thailand and a heart to reach out to the communities around us. We hope, in our own way, to meet some of the needs not currently being met by other foundations. Our promise is a commitment to reach as many families as we can. We don't expect to change the world, but small step by small step we will do our best to build a happy community.

                                                                                        Mr. Zac Morales