Education Advocacy

HCF has a team of professional teachers who keeps the education support program going all-year round. They don't only teach with competence but also with the love for the children and the passion to help each child have a brighter future.

Under HCF Education Advocacy Program are several projects: 
  • Transformative English Language Learning (TELL)
  • Read for Empowerment and Development  (READ)
  • Teachers' Enrichment Seminar and Training (TEST)

Transformative English Language Learning  (TELL) is a project with a curriculum designed to equip each learner with the skills and knowledge of the language that would also help them to develop values necessary in building a happy community. 
On-Site English English Program (OSEP)
HCF sends competent volunteer teachers to local schools to assist schools of their own English programs. To date, HCF is servicing 4 schools in different areas of the city. 


In-House English Program (I-HEP)
HCF offers free modular English class at HCF Learning Center. Children from nearby communities always look forward to attending English programs especially during Summer and October school breaks. 
To date, HCF center has served over 400 children of varying ages.

Occasionally, HCf also offers free modular classes to adult learners.

Read for Empowerment and Development (READ)

One quotation on the wall of HCF library says "There is no substitute for books in the life of a child."

The READ program of HCF aims that every child will have opportunity to have access to quality books and be encouraged to develop a love for reading.

The Community Library, housed at HCF center, has over a thousand children's books as well as other reading resources. By creating a friendly reading and learning environment, HCF hopes to encourage the children's development.

The library provides a valuable resource for the community as well as an opportunity for volunteers to meet with parents, supporting the in whatever ways they can.

Another project under READ program is the Library Make-Over.
Reading is not an easy task for young readers but if they are in a conducive place with quality books around, reading would become a natural part of their life. In cooperation with another foundation, HCF delivers quality books to schools and gives assistance in setting-up a more attractive reading corners for their students. Click to read more details.

Teachers' Enrichment Seminar and Training

HCF offers teachers' training to local schools that do not have foreign English teachers. Its goal is to help strengthen the schools' English program by providing their local teachers tools in teaching English as a foreign language.